Celesti Bairagey on World Music Day: Music is like my personal soundtrack, always there to hype me up or help me unwind

Celesti Bairagey

MUMBAI: On June 21st, as the world celebrates World Music Day, we delve into the world of the talented and versatile Celesti Bairagey, known for her vibrant presence in the show Rajjo and web series Amber Girls School. Celesti shares her deep connection with music and how it has shaped her life.

For Celesti Bairagey, music isn't just a hobby—it's a way of life. "Music is like my personal soundtrack, always there to hype me up or help me unwind," Celesti says with a smile. "Whether I'm getting ready for a shoot or just chilling, music sets the mood for my day. It has this incredible power to influence my mood and day, depending on what I'm listening to."

Beyond its entertainment value, Celesti emphasizes the therapeutic benefits of music. "Music therapy is a legit mental health booster," she affirms. "When I'm stressed or feeling down, music can lift me up and turn my day around. It's like therapy, but with beats and lyrics! Music has this unique ability to heal and rejuvenate."

"I'm into a mix of genres," Celesti shares. "I love artists who bring the feels and inspire me creatively. Music that pushes boundaries and resonates deeply with emotions is what I connect with the most. Lately, I've been hooked on 'Sajni' from 'Laapataa Ladies,'" Celesti admits. "The song's beautiful melody and soulful lyrics have really captured my heart. It's a song that speaks to me on a personal level, and I find myself playing it on repeat. Each listen reveals something new and beautiful."

As we celebrate World Music Day, Celesti Bairagey reflects on the importance of music in her life. "Music is a universal language that connects us all," she says thoughtfully. "It's a powerful tool that can convey emotions and messages beyond words. I'm grateful for the role music plays in my life—it's not just a passion; it's a part of who I am," she ends.


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