Exclusive: Writer Swapnil Jain Shares Insights on his Audio Series 'Insta Millionaire' and the Journey that Led Him Here

Swapnil Jain

Actors possess more than just charm and talent; some have also ventured into writing, showcasing their remarkable creative prowess. Swapnil Jain, hailing from Bhiwandi Mandi in Rajasthan, has made his mark in the Audio Series industry with 'Insta Millionaire,' captivating listeners on Pocket FM. Initially known for his supporting roles in web series, it was Swapnil's exceptional writing skills that set him apart. His collaboration with Pocket FM proved to be a game-changer, leading to the resounding success of 'Insta Millionaire.' In a recent interview, we explored Swapnil Jain's inspiring journey from actor to writer and the genesis of his acclaimed Audio Series, 'Insta Millionaire,' exclusively available on Pocket FM.

1) As an actor-turned-writer, what motivated you to explore the world of writing? How has your background in acting influenced your approach to storytelling?

I started writing at a young age, both in school and outside of it. I was drawn to writing because it allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings about things, whether it was an event or a person. This passion for writing led me to explore theater and acting. Initially, I thought that acting would be the best way to express myself, but I soon realized that writing had a greater impact on me personally. Acting actually helped me become a better writer because it taught me about grammar, vocabulary, and how actors bring words to life through their actions. This knowledge has greatly benefited my storytelling, as I can envision how an actor would approach a scene or deliver a particular dialogue when I'm writing. Acting has been a valuable tool in my writing journey.

2) Insta Millionaire has garnered a significant following on Pocket FM. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind this audio series and how it came to fruition?

Insta Millionaire is based on my own life experiences and observations of society. I was inspired to create this series because I believe it's important to highlight the value of morals and principles. In today's world, many people are focused on achieving success, wealth, and money. Unfortunately, along the way, they often neglect important values like love, truth, nonviolence, and compassion. This is especially noticeable among young people. From my own life experiences, I've realized that values play a crucial role in a person's life. Regardless of one's wealth or financial status, having money alone is not enough. If a person lacks values, it becomes difficult for others to connect or sustain a relationship with them. This realization motivated me to write Insta Millionaire. I wanted to reach out to young people in particular because they make up a significant portion of our population and are the future of our country. I aimed to create a story that resonates with them, which is why the series focuses on a love story. By exploring the way love is perceived and experienced in our society, I hoped to shape the narrative of "Insta Millionaire" in a way that young people can relate to.

3) How do you navigate the challenges of writing for an audio format? What unique considerations do you keep in mind when crafting stories specifically tailored for listeners?

Writing in the audio format is a new concept for me. In the past, radio plays and shows were popular, but with the rise of cinema, TV, and OTT platforms, radio lost its prominence. Personally, I didn't have much exposure to radio in my hometown or even in Jaipur. Writing for audio is unique because you have only words to convey your message. There are no visuals to support the story. So, you have to be precise and accurate in creating the visuals through your words, allowing the listener to grasp the essence of the visuals and emotions you want to convey. This aspect makes audio a distinctive platform that encourages imagination and gives you the freedom to envision the story in your own way. When writing a story for audio, I make sure the visuals are clear in my mind. I aim to have a clear understanding of the scenes I'm trying to convey. If it's clear to me, then it will be clear to the audience as well.

4) Can you share some insights into your creative process while developing the characters and plot for Insta Millionaire? How do you ensure the audio series remains engaging and captivating for the audience?

During the development of Insta Millionaire, our team had numerous discussions about the character and the situations he would encounter in his life. We had certain non-negotiable points that we were determined to maintain at all costs. When the character transitioned from rags to riches, we received a suggestion to give him a fancy car, expensive clothes, and accessories. However, we realized that it didn't align with our character's values. Our character embodies compassion and the willingness to help others. If he focused on material possessions, he would be unable to see the societal problems around him. Initially, we were unsure if this approach would work, but it turned out to be a great success, and the audience wholeheartedly embraced it. To keep the audio series engaging and captivating, we aimed for a dramatic narrative that also conveyed meaningful ideas for the betterment of humanity and society. If we offered a fresh perspective on daily life problems, it automatically became engaging. Throughout the process, we strived to keep the storytelling simple.

5) Can you share any memorable anecdotes or challenges you faced while working on Insta Millionaire? How did you overcome those obstacles?

When we initially started working on Insta Millionaire, we didn't expect such a huge response from the audience. We had doubts about whether people would like the character we created. In today's society, we often see that once someone becomes rich, they tend to ignore the people around them. However, our character didn't boast about his wealth or status. Instead, he focused on helping others, even when his classmates and friends mocked him for being poor and lacking resources. We were unsure if people would like this character or if they would relate to him. Initially, when we received listener comments, we thought we might be making a mistake and that people wouldn't love him. However, after the 48th episode, people started accepting him as he was. This was a significant turning point for us and gave us confidence in writing Insta Millionaire. If we had changed the character to fit what people wanted to see after the 40th episode, I believe the show wouldn't have been as successful. It was important for us to stick to our original vision and convey our intended message. This decision played a crucial role in the show's success.

6) As a writer, what themes or messages do you aim to convey through your work? Are there any recurring themes that you find yourself exploring in your storytelling?

As a writer, I'm drawn to themes that revolve around relationships, compassion, love, justice, equality, and freedom. These are the elements I strive to incorporate into my storytelling. I strongly believe that relationships hold immense importance in a person's life. No matter how successful or wealthy we become, if we lack healthy relationships, life becomes challenging, especially for me.cTo maintain good relationships, I make an effort to nurture the connections with those who are dear to me. I also extend my help to those who may not be familiar to me. These aspects are reflected in my storytelling as well. I believe that a good story should encompass themes of compassion and love, not just romantic relationships, but also a sense of belonging. When someone watches my story, I want them to relate to it and not feel alone in facing similar challenges in society. It should be relatable and convey a theme of compassion. In terms of genre, I have a preference for writing dramas.

7) Lastly, Uorfi Javed and Rohan Mehra shot a promo of Insta Millionaire, and it took the internet by storm. What was your reaction when you saw the video, and how do you think it has helped the audio series?

I was completely taken by surprise when I saw Uorfi Javed and Rohan Mehra's promo for Insta Millionaire. I had no prior information about it. I was simply working on writing future episodes. When I came across the promo on Instagram, I was obliged and incredibly surprised. It meant that our show was performing well and the audience was embracing it with love. It was astonishing to see successful and popular figures of today promoting my show. It was a truly amazing feeling.

Swapnil Jain has left an indelible mark in the theater industry with his exceptional plays, including 'Romeo and Juliet in Smart Cities of Contemporary India' and 'HAIN!'. These productions have garnered critical acclaim and graced prestigious national theater festivals. Additionally, Swapnil has showcased his talent as a writer-actor in the Disney+Hotstar production 'Rubisha.'

'Insta Millionaire' tells the exciting story of Lucky, a young man who starts from humble beginnings and faces many challenges along the way. Despite the difficulties, Lucky remains determined and selfless, working hard to make his loved ones happy. But luck doesn't always seem to be on his side. Just when things seem bleak, Lucky's luck takes a sudden turn. He receives a message on his phone announcing an end to his struggles and a huge amount of wealth. The question is, will Lucky let this newfound fortune change him or will he stay true to himself? To find out, listen to Insta Millionaire on Pocket FM.


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