Tips For a Safe Two-Wheeler Ride

Tips For a Safe Two-Wheeler Ride

MUMBAI: Bikes are undeniably stylish, exciting, and fuel-efficient. But you can't ignore the reality that riding a two-wheeler is riskier than riding a four-wheeler. As you know, two-wheelers lack equipment such as airbags; the likelihood of a fatality increases. Given this, it is critical to understand the fundamentals of two-wheeler safety.

1. Wear a helmet

Helmets are not only mandatory by law but also ensure your safety while riding. Always buy a high-quality helmet. Make sure the one you buy covers your entire head and is easily tugged around your face. If the front of your helmet is broken or is full of scratches obstructing your view, replace it immediately.

2. Wear bright colour clothes

It sometimes becomes difficult for a big truck driver to see a two-wheeler rider on the roadway, especially in the dark. Such circumstances may result in an accident. Thus, wearing a brightly coloured helmet or clothing is advised. You might also use reflective bands on your hands or reflective stripes on your helmet. Furthermore, when stopping your bike on the side of the road, keep the lights on.

3. Check your lights

Avoid going out on a ride if your bike's headlights or taillights are not working properly. Riding with a damaged light might result in a road mishap, especially during the night.

4. Know your bike

Different bikes have distinct features. The gear pattern, handlebars, and clutch design differ with each motorcycle. Therefore, before embarking on a lengthy highway trip, it is advised that you first grasp the operation of your bike. When riding a new bike, keep your speed under control and avoid congested roads. If you are having trouble understanding its characteristics, seek the advice of a professional mechanic.

5. Keep an eye on the road

Never lose focus while riding a bike. Always keep an eye out for potholes, unmarked speed bumps, or stones. Remember that these are the causes of your bike skidding if you apply sudden brakes. Furthermore, exercise caution when driving on rainy roads or highways with oil spills. In case you are wondering how to identify a slick spot or an oil spill, simply look for a change in the colour of the road. The darker ones represent oil spills.

6. Avoid overtaking

You may have witnessed numerous little vehicles travelling alongside a big truck while riding your bike. But did you realise this behaviour can lead to a severe traffic accident? Consider a two-wheeler ride side by side with a large truck. The truck makes a sharp turn on a cut. In this scenario, there is a strong likelihood that your bike would fall and collide with the truck, resulting in fatal injury or death.

In addition, overtaking should be avoided at all costs. If you can't see oncoming traffic, never try to overtake a car or truck. Assume you are attempting to overtake a speedy vehicle. After a few minutes of attempting, you are about to overtake it at the bend, but the car makes an abrupt turn. The situation will result in a disastrous accident in which you may lose your life.

7. Check tyres condition 

Tyres suffer the most wear and tear because they are in direct contact with the rough roadways. The continual rolling of wheels wears away the threads on your bike. Riding your two-wheeler with poor tyres can cause skidding. Thus, checking your tyres' thread every time you go for a long ride is advisable. 

Apart from this, check if the tyres are adequately inflated. Overinflation on hot, sunny days can cause tyres to expand and explode. 

Manufacturers usually recommend replacing tyres after every five years. 

8. Avoid alcohol

You would have spent time reviewing several lenders and calculating EMI using a bike EMI calculator if you bought a bike on two wheeler loan. You don't want the bike you worked so hard to get to lose just because of drinking. Let's get to the point instead of playing riddles. Riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol is one of the major causes of road mishaps. If the traffic authority discovers you riding inebriated, you will be fined.

Also, avoid riding when you are feeling sleepy or tired. If the circumstance necessitates riding a bike, wash your face with cold water and sip a cup of tea before accelerating your wheels.

9. Follow the traffic laws

The government has enacted traffic regulations to ensure pedestrian safety and reduce the number of road accidents. The following are some of the most common traffic rules.

● Never race on public roads.
● Avoid using your phone while riding.
● Avoid riding if you are under the age of 18.
● Never exceed the speed limit of the specific road.
● Never ride if you are under the influence of alcohol.
● Avoid disobeying traffic signals.

To conclude

Failing to follow the above safety rules puts your life and wealth in danger. Remember that even if your bike is irreparably damaged in a road accident, you must still pay off your loan for two-wheeler EMIs.


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