Anupamaa SPOILER: Really! Vanraj will give Titu a warning to not cross his limits or else the consequences could be bad

Titu and Kinjal appear to be interested in helping Anupama as well as learning the specifics of Anuj's situation. As Titu and Kinjal prepare to call Yashdeep in America because he may have information regarding Anuj and Adhya, things are about to go ugly.

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Anupamaa SPOILER: Really! Anuj will be lost as he does not recollect the things that have happened in his life

Anuj appears to be experiencing memory loss and appears to have lost a significant portion of his past, including Anupama. It will soon become clear that Adhya killed herself because she was unable to accept that Anuj and Anupama would eventually get back together.

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