Mrunal Jain: Sometimes going too bold with fashion seems to be the only way to make a statement, stay in the limelight

MUMBAI: Mrunal Jain vouches for comfortable wear. To him fashion means individuality. The actor, who is known for his style and as someone ready to experiment with his looks, opens up about what is fashion to him, his favourite attire, if he thinks people go overboard at times while trying to be stylish and more:  

What is fashion to you? Fashion trends change every season, does it get exhausting to keep up?
When some new trend catches everyone's attention, many start following it, then that particular style becomes a fashion. I follow trends, sometimes be a part of it but then I have my individual taste. I’m a person who likes to wear shorts, t-shirts, trousers, tracks… unless it’s a formal occasion I mostly dress in these things. Being in fashion for me is being comfortable, but that does not mean I am not open to experimenting.

An actor is expected to adapt to new styles depending on what’s in. Do you agree?
When it comes to his on screen looks, I prefer listening to the stylist, show maker and the channel decide on what would suit the on screen character. Every character demands a certain look, style and feel. When it comes to my reel image I am not fussy at all. The producers, creative team and channel are the best people to take a call regarding the same. I also rely on feedback from the audience.

What are your comfort clothes?
Comfort clothes are shirts, t-shirts etc because it’s summer time. During winters I like to wear polo neck shirts and jackets.

Are you comfortable playing a character whose fashion sense is completely opposite to yours?
Yes, of course. I am usually kicked about doing something, which I’m not comfortable doing in real life. Such challenges get the best out of you, push your growth.

At times, actors are expected to dress up like the character they are playing in all public appearances till the TV show is on. So if someone is playing a villager, he or she needs to dress up like that. What do you deal with in such situations?
That’s part of your job. The best reaction I’ve got is that you look different in real life, you look like a normal guy and I take that as a compliment. When you are playing a character and people accept you in that avatar, they understand why you are looking like your character even in the real world. They also understand that this process helps me perform better and also helps them connect with the role better. But we don’t usually have to make many such appearances, so there is a balance.

What is the outfit that you would pick for a date night?
A well-tailored suit

What is the one style accessory you feel is not useful?

Do you feel actors go overboard at times while following fashion trends?
It’s not something people do intentionally, maybe they don’t know where to stop. But that’s alright, we all learn from our mistakes. Sometimes actors try to change his or her look when he or she is working on a particular medium. They change style according to the medium. It’s on their social media where you get to witness shades of their real self. Sometimes actors also have to live up to the expectations that fans have from them. Sometimes going too bold seems to be the only way to make a statement, stay in the limelight. All these things work sometimes, in other times they don’t. So there are many factors, but intentions are usually not bad.

Do you think six packs abs is an advantage?
I feel having six-pack abs is an advantage, but it is not the only thing that one looks for in an action film. But yes, it is one of the most important aspects for a character's look because the director imagines you as a character first and then sees your acting talent. So, it has helped me. But is it not the only factor for me to get cast in Sooryavanshi or any of the projects that I am part of. I feel people cast me not only because of my body but because they feel that I am fitting in the role.

Are you open for TV?
Ofcourse TV is what has made me. I am looking out for the right role. Positive or negative lead is what I am looking at. I would love to play a stylish antagonist in a TV Soap or even OTT.


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